Monday, December 19, 2011

2012 Upcoming Releases

~ Jorge Sylvester ACE Collective ~
 Nora McCarthy, Waldron Mahdi Ricks, Pablo Vergara, Donald Nicks and Kenny Grohowski.
This CD is a continuation of the ACE Trio CD "In the Ear of the Beholder". An exploration from within the Afro Caribbean Rhythms, as a rhythmic and melodic vehicle to create new forms of extended compositions using the Voice, the Trumpet and the Piano as 3 independent textures.

is a highly rhythmic and spiritually motivated compositional journey through the various cultures that make up the Caribbean Islands encompassing their significance and contribution to the present day advanced musical concepts in jazz and avante-garde/free music.

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 New CD by the Voice and Alto Saxophone Duet A Small Dream In Red
 ~ "IN THE LANGUAGE OF DREAMS" ~ A tribute to Ornette Coleman and Wassily Kandinsky.

The expressionist master Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944), who painted the masterpiece, Small Dream In Red (kleiner traum in rot) in 1925, believed that the relationship between colors and sounds, between music and painting, is not only theory but actually exists; and all I can add is that when I saw the painting in a museum many years after it was painted, I looked at it and "heard" it … just as its painter wished it to be viewed … visually and aurally … abstract to be sure but closer to tangible palpable physical material reality, than reality itself. The music of A SMALL DREAM IN RED comes from that reality, exploring visual elements from a musical standpoint – repetition, inversion, variation, dynamic intensification and diminution translating visual impressions into aural terms. The music is inspired and imbued with life, consisting of primal earthen tones and elements with slightly representational associations.”
Nora McCarthy

A Small Dream In Red / Nora McCarthy ~ Jorge Sylvester / Voice and Alto Saxophone Duo

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Jorge Sylvester ACE Collective said...

These are Two Very Unique New Releases for 2012....One of my many projects The ACE Collective:
"Spirit Driven" and vocal artist Nora McCarthy Voice and Alto Saxophone Duo A Small Dream In Red:
"In The Language of Dreams"